The goal of Areivim UK is to assist families in which a parent has רח”ל passed away and there are unmarried children left to struggle financially, without the need for the expensive and humiliating mass fundraising campaigns which have commonly been used in these situations.

Areivim UK was established under the guidance of Gedolei Hador, with their fervent blessing and support.

Terms and Conditions

  1. In the event of a member of Areivim UK or their spouse passing away רח”ל, Areivim UK will facilitate the setting up of a £40,000 fund for each unmarried child under the age of 35, and for the surviving spouse in the bereaved family. If no deaths occur among members, there will be no collection. Where there are less than 3 children, the surviving parent element is subject to rabbinical approval. Areivim funds are not means tested. Where a public collection campaign has been run and succeeded in collecting £40,000, only the children’s funds will be set up.
  2. This will be done by collecting an equal amount from all Areivim UK members (who were members at the time of death) and a fixed amount from those members who chose to make additional contributions.
  3. No fund will be provided surviving children who are not expected (by their parent) to marry by the age of 35 and no fund will be provided for a surviving spouse with no children that are expected to marry by the age of 35.
  4. Areivim UK will not collect more than £40.00 from each member in any given month. Notice will be given to all members if this cap is to be revised in the future. Example: if רח”ל a tragedy occurs where the total collection is £45.00 per member, this will be collected over 2 months, rather than one lump sum.
  5. If funds have already been set up for the family through Areivim UK upon the passing of one of the parents, no further fund will be setup should the surviving parent pass away רח”ל. Areivim UK will only make a single collection for each orphan.
  6. The funds will be placed into designated bank accounts where they will be held upon a discretionary trust (up to the age of 35) solely for the child’s wedding expenses. The fund for the surviving parent will also be held upon trust for that parent to assist them in their day to day expenses during the first 2 to 3 years following their loss.
  7. The trustees of the funds will include a family representative, a Rabbinical Trustee and a Areivim UK trustee. Any interest or other income earned will remain in that account and be credited to the fund of the surviving spouse.
  8. If a child remains unmarried at the age of 35, does not survive to that age or where the funds remain unclaimed for more than 12 months after a wedding, the funds will be returned to Areivim UK to be held for the use of another orphan.
  9. Eligibility to enrol in Areivim UK is based on the family’s commitment to Shmiras Torah U’Mitzvos.
  10. All families wishing to apply for membership must complete and sign the Areivim UK Declaration and a Direct Debit Mandate. There is no sign-up or membership fee to join Areivim UK. collections are only made if a member in Areivim UK passes away רח”ל.
  11. Each family is considered one unit. Both the husband and the wife in the family are covered. In cases where a death occurs in where there are step parents, or single parents, each family, or part of a family, should have their own membership. In such cases the Vaad HoRabbonim will decide on a case by case basis as to which children should have a fund set up for them.
  12. A fund will not be setup by Areivim UK if the death (A) followed an illness which was known to the member at the time of membership registration and (B) occurred within 24 months of registration. Any queries in this matter will be discussed by The Vaad HoRabbonim who will decide on each individual case based on medical advice and on its own merit. Their decision whether to setup a fund will be final.
  13. Members should receive a confirmation certificate and a personal membership number within a month of applying, Members must contact the Areivim UK office if they have not received their Certificate. Failure to do so may result in your remaining unregistered.
  14. Enrolment will be open at specified times of the year only. No registration will be possible at other times.
  15. Membership may be acquired for others if all details are stated at the time of enrolment. The member (who will be covered) must complete the Membership Declaration and the sponsor will complete the Direct Debit Mandate. For example, one can also sign up a membership for their extended family or friends and others who cannot afford to join. All details must be stated at the time of enrolment.
  16. Membership in Areivim UK is non-transferable and does not pass to the heirs of a deceased member.
  17. Membership is conditional on an active Direct Debit Mandate being in place. If Direct Debit charges are not honoured or the Direct Debit Mandate is cancelled for any reason once collection notices have been sent, members will be required to make up the payment plus costs. Membership rights may be withdrawn at any time if payment schedules are not adhered to. Re-registration could be denied until the next registration period. Membership should not be cancelled once a collection notice has been sent.
  18. In the event of a collection, members will be notified by Areivim UK, in accordance with the rules of the Direct Debit Scheme. All notifications will be sent to the contact details supplied at the time of registration. Any changes must be sent to Areivim UK in writing for the records to be updated.
  19. Applicants commit themselves to all terms and conditions of membership of Areivim UK by signing the Areivim UK Declaration form. Areivim UK reserve the rights to make changes to these terms at any time. Notice will be given to all members of any material changes.
  20. One can also sign up to pay and sponsor membership for extended family or friends and others who might not be able to afford it themselves.
  21. Collections can be paid for with Maaser Money. Please note: this project is not recognized as a Charity in UK law, and accordingly payments should not be made from charitable funds.
  22. In all cases of dispute between members or beneficiaries and Areivim UK’s trustees or administrators, the Vaad HoRabbonim will serve as arbitrators and their decision will be accepted as final. By signing up members relinquish all rights to sue or submit legal claims against the decisions of Areivim UK or the Vaad HoRabbonim. Similarly, The Vaad HoRabbonim has the right to reject applicants. Their decisions will be final. . In the event of (ח”ו) a large number of deaths among members (as a result of a war, an earthquake, epidemic or any other reason), the Vaad HoRabbonim will decide on proper procedures.Members confirms that they are aware that Areivim UK will process such Personal Data for the purposes of carrying out the terms of the Membership as set out in these Terms and Conditions. Areivim UK will use such Personal Data for the purposes of allowing and permitting Areivim UK to carry out its duties pursuant to these Terms and Conditions. The Member confirms that they are authorised to release such Personal Data of any third parties as is required by Areivim UK and they are authorised to disclose and allow access to such Personal Data. The Member shall indemnify Areivim UK in all respects from all costs, penalties, obligations and liabilities incurred by Areivim UK in connection with any breach of this clause of the Agreement. The information you have provided is subject to the Data Protection Act, Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, General Data Protection Regulations 2017 and any other data protection laws and regulations applicable in the UK and any codes of practice, guidelines and recommendations issued by the Information Commissioner or any replacement body. Your Personal Data will be held in line with our Privacy Notice which will be reviewed on a regular basis and may be updated from time-to-time. We will notify you via email (or post if no email address is provided) when this happens and provide you with a copy of the most recent and up-to-date Privacy Notice.  You may request confirmation of the information we hold about you, to which we will respond within 30 days.

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