1. Community members join to form a group.

Areivim UK has a membership of 5000+ and growing.

Enrolment is FREE.

2. Each member signs a commitment to make a contribution of approx. £8.00 per unmarried orphan and £8.00 for the Almon/Almono, should a tragedy occur and ח”ו one of the families in the group loses a parent. This amount is reduced as the membership grows.

In the case of the untimely passing ח”ו of a parent in one of the families in the group, if there are unmarried orphans (up to the age of 35), £8 per unmarried orphan will be collected from all Areivim members, in many cases there will also be a further £8 for the surviving parent. For example, if a mother passes away leaving behind 2 unmarried orphans each family in the group will make a one-off contribution of £24.00.

This amount will be reduced if there are more than 5000 members.

Example 1: : if there are 5000 members it will be £8.00 per survivor. £40,000÷5000 members = £8.00.

Example 2: if there are 5500 members it will be £7.27 per survivor. £40,000÷5500 members = £7.27

Example 3: if there are 6000 members it will be £6.67 per survivor. £40,000÷6000 members = £6.67.

This commitment is made by completing and signing the Areivim Declaration and a Direct Debit Mandate.

3. The maximum amount to be collected from each standard member shall not exceed £40.00 per month.

In order to minimize the burden on members, Areivim will not collect more than £40.00 from each member in any given month (except from those generously contributing more than standard membership)

In the event that there are more unmarried orphans, the collection will be spread over a couple of months. (Example: if ח”ו a tragedy occurs where there are 7 orphans, and the total collection will be £56.00 per member, it will be collected over 2 months, £28.00 in the 1st and £28.00 in the 2nd month).

It must be stressed that there is NO MONTHLY FEE or regular collection. Money is collected ONLY when a tragedy has רח”ל occurred. If no tragedy has occurred there will be no collection.

4. As a result, a fund of £40,000 will be set up for each unmarried orphan and an additional £40,000 fund for the surviving parent.

Every unmarried orphan up to 35 years of age will receive a fund of £40,000 which will be placed in a designated bank account until the time of their wedding.

A similar fund will also be established for the surviving parent.

5. The Areivim project is a tzedokah plan.

100% of the collection will go for the needs of the family and orphans as all administration and collection expenses is covered by our generous sponsor. It is considered tzedokah and can therefore be paid for from Maaser funds. Please note, this project is not a registered charity in UK law.

6. Areivim calls on everyone to join even if they do not require the fund themselves.

Ba’alei Batim and people who financially wouldn’t need the support of Areivim but wish to contribute to Areivim as a means of helping to alleviate the plight of orphans in our community in the most dignified and respectable way can and should also join and be Zoche to receive the tremendous merits that this unique form of tzedokah provides. It is available to all those who seek unique and meaningful tzedokah opportunities.

Grandparents can also sign up a membership for their grandchildren, and friends can sign up membership for others who cannot afford to join.

7. The project is guided by the Vaad Horabbonim

The Vaad HoRabbonim are actively involved in the running of Areivim UK, issuing guidance decisions at every step.

Here for each other