Our Why

Losing a parent doesn’t mean losing the right for dignity

We are here to fill a super important need.
Because no-one deserves to suffer from unnecessary embarrassment.
The pain of loss is great enough.

We want to provide every widow, widower and orphan with the funds and dignity they rightfully deserve.

Our Values

Dignity  Matters

We preserve the dignity of our members by providing them with a £40,000 fund without running public campaigns.

Everyone’s Responsible

Areivim is for everyone. It’s a smart and simple plan to protect each and every community member.

No Ulterior Motives

Our project is 100% tzedakah. We’re a non-profit organisation established with a pure desire to help another yid in time of need.

Subscribing to Areivim is a basic responsibility of every community member.

Areivim In Numbers

Per Family Member
Survivors Funded

The Areivim Story

A story of understanding

It all began when askanim in London understood the pain of local widows and orphans.

Through unsuccessful public fundraising campaigns, these people were suffering unnecessary humiliation, idignity and embarrassment – in addition to their pain of loss.

With the support of major rabbonim, gedolim and the community, Areivim UK was established in 2012 and continues to provide funds for widows, widowers and unmarried orphans in an affordable, respectable and dignified manner.

Who We Are

Vaad HoRabbonim

Rabbi J Padwa Shlit”a – הרה”ג ר’ יוסף פדווא שליט”אRabbi A Dunner Shlit”a – הרה”ג ר’ אהרן דוד דוננער שליט”אRabbi Y M Greenberg Shlit”a – הרה”ג ר’ ישראל מאיר גרינבערג שליט”אRabbi Y D Hool Shlit”a – הרה”ג ר’ יונתן דוד הול שליט”אRabbi M M Weiss Shlit”a – הרה”ג ר’ משה מנחם ווייס שליט”אRabbi S D Klein Shlit”a – הרה”ג ר’ שלמה דוד קליין שליט”א

Rabbinical Trustees

Rabbi M D Weiss – ר’ מרדכי דוד ווייסRabbi A Y Rubinfeld – ר’ אברהם יוסף רובינפעלדRabbi S Deutsch – ר’ סיני דייטשRabbi L Braun – ר’ ליפא ברויןRabbi A P Kamyunka – ר’ אברהם פסח קמיונקאRabbi S Y Bixenspanner – ר’ שלמה יצחק ביקסנשפאנערRabbi Yosef Wienberg – ר’ יוסף ויינברגRabbi Shmuel Simons – ר’ שמואל סיימונסRabbi Shmuel Joseph – ר’ שמואל ג’וסעףRabbi Meir Rappaport – ר’ מאיר ראפפורטRabbi I Shtroh (Gateshead) – ר’ יצחק צבי שטראה

Directors & Trustees

Rabbi J BaumgartenMr H LastMr J N SchreiberMr S CymermanMr M MannMr I MoskowitzMr S M FriedmanMr D Bineth


The Achdus of this project has the power to provide a special Zechus to reduce the number of tragedies רח”ל.

Here for each other