Here for Each Other


We support hundreds of children, widows and widowers
struggling with the loss of a parent or spouse.


Areivim eases the ride for unmarried orphans, widows and widowers
by providing a £40,000 fund for each Yossom.


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Mission Statement

Our purpose

is to ensure the dignity and self respect of every Jewish widow, widower and unmarried orphan who is שומר תורה ומצוות.

Our aim

is to guarantee a £40,000 fund for every unmarried orphan in the group.

Our mission

is to prevent a family suffering from the loss of a parent R”L from being subjected to financial ruin as well.

Our goal

is to help the grieving family avoid having to resort to lengthy, expensive, humiliating, and often unsuccessful fund raising campaigns.

Our History

We all used to hurt when we used to see what used to be all-too-familiar brochures advertising tzedokah appeals for widows and orphans. In addition to the pain of their loss, these families were suffering the indignity of having their relatives and acquaintances trying to raise enormous sums of money.

Due to the unfortunate frequency with which these appeals appear, the public’s response was waning, and the target sums were just not raised.

In 2012 Askonim in England having seen the need, and with the support of all Rabbonim and Gedolim called upon the community to join forces and establish the Areivim UK plan in order to be able to setup funds for widows and unmarried orphans in an affordable, respectable and dignified manner.

Areivim In Numbers

Per Family Member
Survivors Funded


Areivim is purely tzedokah, and tzedokah rescues from death. That’s the only plan that really helps.

Here for each other